The SLB GROUP sets lofty growth ambitions

The SLB GROUP – the parent company of RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH – wants to expand its operations significantly in the years to come. In order to realise that ambition, several changes will be implemented within the organisation and a new operational director will be recruited.

SLB GROUP is a family business that focuses on clever technological solutions in food, water and the environment. Its three subsidiaries complement each other very well. Together, they facilitate the realisation of innovative and complex projects, particularly in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. Since the scope of its projects is expanding and the organisation wants to be well equipped to handle this development, the SLB GROUP has set lofty growth ambitions for the years to come. The goal is to double the organisation’s revenue and results by 2020.

Independent business units
One condition of that growth is organisational professionalisation. The SLB GROUP’s three subsidiaries will therefore continue their operations as independent business units. They work with a single shared production unit. Each business unit has its own area of expertise. One unit focuses on machine and frame development for machine producers, particularly in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries. Another business unit focuses on the design, development and maintenance of installations for end users in the food industry. The third business unit processes high-grade metals into custom products for critical industries. Finally, the production unit is responsible for production, assembly, installation and commissioning.

Operational director
To realise its growth objectives and elevate the organisation to a higher level, the SLB GROUP will recruit an operational director. Together with general director Egbèr Smits, they will form the executive board. The operational director will lead the organisation, direct the business units and the production unit and carry final responsibility for achieving the set targets by 2020.

Making global players even better

Our organisations operate at the heart of the Dutch agri-industrial and food industries. These are fields in which our country holds an international top position. Did you know, for example, that the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest exporter of agri-industrial and food products, or that we are the third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry? Twenty percent of our country’s GDP is earned in the agri-industrial and food industries. At the SLB GROUP, we have a clear mission: to make innovative global players in these sectors even better.