New RVS NON FERRO website launched

Here it is: RVS NON FERRO’s new website is online. This website is a direct result of the SLB GROUP’s new organisational structure. The focus of its three subsidiaries – RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS Procestechnologie and SLB HIGHTECH – is directed even more towards each organisation’s specific core competences

Our new website now ties in well with our focus: the engineering, production and assembly of complete machines and frames, particularly for OEM organisations in the food-processing industry.

Just like RVS NON FERRO, the other business units will also have a new, modern website that fits with the SLB GROUP’s new structure. RIJKERS, for example, focuses on the design, manufacture and maintenance of process installations for producers in the (light) chemical, food and dairy industries. SLB HIGHTECH processes high-grade metals into custom products for critical industries. Our joint production unit handles production, assembly, installation and commissioning for a wide range of projects.

Making global players even better

Our organisations operate at the heart of the Dutch agri-industrial and food industries. These are fields in which our country holds an international top position. Did you know, for example, that the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest exporter of agri-industrial and food products, or that we are the third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry? Twenty percent of our country’s GDP is earned in the agri-industrial and food industries. At the SLB GROUP, we have a clear mission: to make innovative global players in these sectors even better.