High-quality welding work for aluminium hoisting structure

Gas flare systems for drilling platforms, refineries and chemical plans are overhauled roughly every six years. It is a challenging task to dismantle and safely take down the components because these expensive gas flare systems often stand around one hundred metres above the ground. In order to simplify this process, SLB HIGHTECH, part of the SLB GROUP, produces the aluminium components for a practical hoisting structure, which made entirely according to our client's design.

The advantages of aluminium

Deploying a crane for dismantling gas flare systems is often a difficult and costly solution. It is both cheaper and more effective to use a custom-built aluminium hoisting structure.  The separate components are hoisted to the platform using a winch, where professionals manually set up the hoisting structure at great height. That is why we chose to use aluminium: it is lightweight while at the same time providing sufficient strength and durability. Although there are a few standard elements between the components, for the most part it consists of project-specific solutions.

Safety and quality

Due to the high quality and safety requirements attached to the final product, SLB HIGHTECH operates in accordance with the EN 3834 standard and welding is performed by ASME certified welders. All components are subjected to a non-destructive testing inspection. At SLB HIGHTECH, all processes focus on compliance with the rigid requirements which are imposed on both the products and manner of working. As a result of this, specialised projects, such as this aluminium hoisting structure, are in safe hands with us. Even at one hundred metres above the ground!

Making global players even better

Our organisations operate at the heart of the Dutch agri-industrial and food industries. These are fields in which our country holds an international top position. Did you know, for example, that the Netherlands is the world’s second-largest exporter of agri-industrial and food products, or that we are the third-largest exporter of machinery for the food industry? Twenty percent of our country’s GDP is earned in the agri-industrial and food industries. At the SLB GROUP, we have a clear mission: to make innovative global players in these sectors even better.